What Our Clients Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience! In the end, we’re not happy if you’re not happy, and if we’re not able to provide you with a custom-tailored solution that meets your specific needs. Want to share your experience working with us, or leave us a comment? Send us a note to let us know what working with Midwest Fix-and-Flip was like for you. And, check out what some of our happy clients have said about us…



…bad credit history prevented us from getting another mortgage.

I lost my job when our company moved overseas. We eventually had to declare bankruptcy, and ended up loosing our home. Now that I’m back working again, our bad credit history prevented us from getting another mortgage. Midwest Fix and Flip came through for us and enabled us to buy a really nice house. Thanks for giving us a second chance!

- Carson and Shandra K.

….my credit wasn’t very good after we separated.

“I’d been renting since my divorce, and decided it was time to buy a house again for me and the boys. But, my credit wasn’t very good after we separated. I considered buying Land Contract, but didn’t know much about it. Midwest Fix-and-Flip explained Land Contracts, Lease Purchases, and the pros and cons of each. I decided on a Lease Purchase. And, I’m definitely glad I called them before buying. Now, we’re starting over in a house that’s affordable on just one income!”

- Bobby, Kurt and Jon Jon R.

…we don’t have much money.

“This house is amazing! The bathrooms and kitchen are sparkling and new. We’re newly weds. And, we don’t have much money. So, we didn’t think we could afford a nice updated house like this so soon in our marriage. We’re totally glad we decided to call Midwest Fix-and-Flip!”

- Margarita and Luis A.

…we were unsure of where to buy.

“I transferred here from Singapore for work. And, we wanted to buy a house as part of the “American dream”. But, we were unsure of where to buy. Midwest Fix-and-Flip understood our concerns and fears, and helped us find a diverse neighborhood with a good school where we would be welcome and able to enjoy our new home away from home.”

- An, Li and Meili X.

We’re empty nesters and downsized our larger family home…

“We’re empty nesters and downsized our larger family home so we could travel. We didn’t want to sink all our retirement savings into another house. But, we still wanted something nice to come home to. And, we didn’t want to rent. Midwest Fix-and-Flip enabled us to purchase a smaller, newly-renovated home in a decent neighborhood; just what the doctor ordered!”

- Ronald and Sheila T.

I didn’t know anything about “alternative financing”.

“I didn’t know anything about ‘alternative financing’. And being a woman, newly single, and a first-time home buyer, I thought they must be trying to take advantage of me. Instead, they were very honest and professional. They took the time to explain everything so I could see its advantages over conventional financing. An, I’m so glad I bought a home from Midwest Fix-and-Flip! I totally recommend them to any other single woman or home-buying newbie.”

- Leila C.

This is our first house.

“This is our first house. And, we didn’t really know what to expect when buying a home. Midwest Fix-and-Flip thought of everything! They were patient with us, and understanding. They even taught us about things we didn’t know or ask. They made the whole home buying experience relaxed, and an enjoyable memory in our lives.”

- Joey and Heather S.

…we needed to sell our parents’ house fast

“Midwest Fix-and-Flip certainly lived up to their claims. After mom died, we needed to sell our parents’ house fast and get back home to the West Coast. We sold the house in 30 days! And, they saved us from a ton of headaches being absentee home owners. Thanks, Midwest Fix and Flip!”

- Bruce and Susan J.