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Midwest Fix-and-Flip is a family-owned real estate investment firm of professional home buyers, design experts and construction professionals in Toledo, OH.  We help find “win-win“solutions for homeowners in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan who have burdensome properties they need to sell. We’ll assess the property’s condition, and make you an offer based on the repairs we feel it needs and current market rates. We won’t try to low-ball you. We’re honest, fair, and fully-transparent! We’ll make sure you understand our offer and the reasons for it. And if for some reason we don’t strike a deal, you’ll have even more information than you had to make an informed decision when you’re ready to sell. Either way, you’ll be glad you did business with us!

[Note:  we are not Realtors®. We won’t list your house on the MLS, show it a number of times, and then wait for a qualified buyer. We use a variety of nontraditional, fully-legal home buying methods that avoid the middle-men, saving us both a lot of money.]


At Midwest Fix-and-Flip, we help property owners solve their burdensome real estate problems by buying their properties as-is…. No having to fix them up and paint them. No realtors constantly traipsing through your house, showing it to prospective buyers. We specialize in single family homes, and 2-4 unit multi-family properties that are often vacant, rundown or neglected, and in need of a li’l TLC. We remodel them with updated finishes and modern decor. And, we sell them to qualified buyers who are eager to have a bright shiny “new” (often first-time) home at an affordable price! Our goal is to help sellers, find buyers, improve neighborhoods, and raise property values….
Rebuilding communities, one house at a time“!

In his own words:
Robert Walden

“Throughout my real estate career, I’ve improved the quality of life for the people I do business with, and the communities in which they live. I don’t mean just the physical properties that I’ve remodeled and sold, but also the the families who purchased a home much nicer than they thought they could afford. By upgrading a rundown home, we revitalize the entire neighborhood, and the quality of Life of its residents as a whole. Seeing buyer’s wide-eyed faces when they first walk into one of our homes, and providing value to working families  is one of my primary motivators for the work I do in real estate!”

In her own words:
Hunter Walden

” I’ve been ‘daddy’s li’l helper’ since I can remember, and have helped to do remodeling and design projects seemingly my whole life. I suppose that’s where I developed my love of real estate and design. As an Architecture and Design student at BGSU, I excelled at hands-on construction. I love the charm and structural beauty of older homes! And, working with dad gives me the opportunity to see my creative visions come to life when re-imagining  them for more modern home-buying tastes. And, as part of the design team at Midwest Fix-and-Flip, you’ll get fresh new interior design concepts with the latest remodeling techniques on all of our renovation projects….

If you’d like to learn more about us, if you have questions about how we help homeowners and our home-buying process; maybe even how we can help you stop a foreclosure and avoid an eviction, then give us a call! Or, write us at the email address below. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can be done with your real estate headache and move on to brighter things!!

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